Monday, October 31, 2011

Ty Pennington Moonlights As A Fabric Designer

So yes, Ty was there promoting his line of fabric. He is very, very nice but very much a celebrity. He had his cute little hat and he had his cell phone that he seemed a bit distracted with, and he had his people. I would have taken a picture of his people, but one of his people were taking this picture of us. They were two guys in suits that looked like body guards. Now you don't see the remarkable Sandi Henderson walking around with body guards or even Amy Butler. But this guy has his people. And I asked one of them. "So, are you guys like Ty's 'people'? He responded, "what?" And I replied, "So you guys are his people? We all need to have our people, don't we?" And one of the people just smiled. It was funny.  

I am not sure if Ty's people also sew, but I am pretty confident that Ty didn't make the very apropos ties out of all of his fabric that hung in the back of his booth. I don't think Ty was even wearing one of his own ties. I am pretty sure it was some little lady in Kansas that sewed all of the nice things in his booth. I hope Ty, or at least Ty's people thanked her for her hard work.

This is my friend, Kelly Biscopink who works at F + W Media and who has the coolest last name, don't you think? She is inspired and has a blog that is just as inspiring. Check it out. We took this picture because she really couldn't leave her booth but we wanted a picture with Ty together. We are holding the autographed copy of his picture that he gave me. I had him sign it for my daughter who will think it is really cool (when she loses the attitude and starts behaving appropriately and I decide to give it to her.) My kids know all about Ty because Extreme Makeover Home Edition built a home in our neighborhood.

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