Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Back From Orange County

I know I look like a nerdy tourist, but I can't help myself. I LOVE to walk around and take pictures of plants and flowers that are so beautiful and perfect. These things inspire me. I just took a trip down to my home turf. This is an orange that is growing on a tree out in front of the house that I grew up in. So simple. So orange. So yummy.
San Juan Capistrano is where I lived my 18 years before I moved off for college. Swallows are a VERY big deal there. Every March 19th is Swallows day. This is the day when the Swallows are celebrated for their return from Argentina. They come back every year. They never fail us, though they are not always on time.

I spent a lovely afternoon here, on Los Rios street in a very old part of San Juan. They have turned the homes of the Rios Family into cute shops and restaurants.

This lovely, little shop on Los Rios Street, The Nest, is now carrying my headbands (along with 5 other stores in Southern California since I talked them into it this weekend.)

Orange Blossoms 


One of my very nerdy favorites, Bougainvillea

This is the real reason I came to town. It was my 20 year high school reunion.

Everyone at my high school is blonde. That is what happens when you live near the beach. Just kidding.

These are my very dear friends who were cheerleaders with me. They are beautiful as ever.

It was a party. Everyone looked great. Maybe the people who look ugly stayed home, but I thought people were remarkably beautiful and healthy.

Don't you want a swallow fountain like this?

I spent the morning shooting photos of my upcoming pattern, the swallow messenger is lovely Joel Dewberry Heirloom fabrics. I am as nutty about swallows as the rest of the San Juan Capistrano folks. So I spent some time at the San Juan Mission to get some good shots. (Pattern cover coming to blog soon.) And this mission is beautiful. If you get the chance, visit San Juan Capistrano. you won't be sorry.

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