Monday, October 31, 2011

Ty Pennington Moonlights As A Fabric Designer

So yes, Ty was there promoting his line of fabric. He is very, very nice but very much a celebrity. He had his cute little hat and he had his cell phone that he seemed a bit distracted with, and he had his people. I would have taken a picture of his people, but one of his people were taking this picture of us. They were two guys in suits that looked like body guards. Now you don't see the remarkable Sandi Henderson walking around with body guards or even Amy Butler. But this guy has his people. And I asked one of them. "So, are you guys like Ty's 'people'? He responded, "what?" And I replied, "So you guys are his people? We all need to have our people, don't we?" And one of the people just smiled. It was funny.  

I am not sure if Ty's people also sew, but I am pretty confident that Ty didn't make the very apropos ties out of all of his fabric that hung in the back of his booth. I don't think Ty was even wearing one of his own ties. I am pretty sure it was some little lady in Kansas that sewed all of the nice things in his booth. I hope Ty, or at least Ty's people thanked her for her hard work.

This is my friend, Kelly Biscopink who works at F + W Media and who has the coolest last name, don't you think? She is inspired and has a blog that is just as inspiring. Check it out. We took this picture because she really couldn't leave her booth but we wanted a picture with Ty together. We are holding the autographed copy of his picture that he gave me. I had him sign it for my daughter who will think it is really cool (when she loses the attitude and starts behaving appropriately and I decide to give it to her.) My kids know all about Ty because Extreme Makeover Home Edition built a home in our neighborhood.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lila Tueller of Riley Blake

This is the logo from Lila Tueller's blog. I ripped it off. ;) 

When I found Lila's booth, I instantly felt at home. I have watched her fun designs for quite a while and was excited to finally meet her. Somehow, I feel like I know these people from being a blog stalker, but really I am just a stranger to them. Not anymore. I had a long talk with Lila and her wonderful staff. I bought a truck load of her patterns, and I managed to resist the cute sugar cookies she had perched on her table. They brought them in their carry-ons. She lives near me and is just a really nice person that I could relate to.

I have a storage seat like this one, but why haven't I made cute seat pads for it like she has? When I got tired later in the day, I was tempted to come back to this cozy "bed" and take a nap. Is that unprofessional?

I am a sucker for piles of cute stuff. And all of her beautiful colors and designs are too adorable not to gawk at.

Lila has a bunch of new totes, cases, and container like bag patterns that really showcase her beautiful fabrics nicely.

Do you just love this dress as much as I do? I made it in different fabrics from her pattern this year. It is one of my favorites. And it is a pattern that has inspired me. I love this girl, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Quilt Market Houston --Saturday

It was a little crazy of me to go to the quilt market this year because it has been such a busy month. Plus this wonderful event is right up against Halloween. We decided that one day would be enough. I flew in at 10:30pm Friday night and flew out this morning (Sunday) at 6:05 am. Yes, YAWN, I am exhausted right now with 4 hours of sleep and a little nap this afternoon. But it was worth it. I can't wait to tell you of my experience there. This experience will be broken into several blog posts so I don't skim on the goods.

So if you have ever been to quilt market, you know what I mean when I say that this thing is BIG. I borrowed this picture above, I obviously didn't get up on the rafters yesterday and take an overhead shot (though I am known to stop at nothing to get a good peek through my lens.

The majority of the market is a little old school. I am sort of glad because if there weren't so much to brush right past, it would take a week to get through the whole thing. It's sort of like, "That one is ugly, that booth is old fashion, that style is super country, that stuff is just YU-CKY!! Ahh, there is something I love. I'll stop here."

Now this is Tula Pink. She has a great personality and wonderful design style. Her fabric is AMAZING. She is edgy and fun at the same time. And you have to love her shoes with her signature PINK. Check out her blog if you don't know what I am talking about.

I just thought this fabric display was too cute. Don't you love it? It made me crave sushi. This was a display from Gourmet Quilter.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Introducing the Swallow Messenger Bag

Okay, so the pattern is still in the works. I have been so busy that I am not quite done with the pattern, but I am so excited about the pattern cover that I thought I would post it now. I have been carrying this messenger bag around with me lately, and I get stopped throughout the day. People keep telling me how much they love this bag. I keep having people offer to pay me for one. I tell them they can buy the pattern and make their own.

Anyway, inspired by my hometown of San Juan Capistrano and the beautiful Heirloom line of fabric by Joel Dewberry, here you have it. I'll post when it is up on etsy and in shops. Now off to market I go tomorrow. I have so much to do!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Back From Orange County

I know I look like a nerdy tourist, but I can't help myself. I LOVE to walk around and take pictures of plants and flowers that are so beautiful and perfect. These things inspire me. I just took a trip down to my home turf. This is an orange that is growing on a tree out in front of the house that I grew up in. So simple. So orange. So yummy.
San Juan Capistrano is where I lived my 18 years before I moved off for college. Swallows are a VERY big deal there. Every March 19th is Swallows day. This is the day when the Swallows are celebrated for their return from Argentina. They come back every year. They never fail us, though they are not always on time.

I spent a lovely afternoon here, on Los Rios street in a very old part of San Juan. They have turned the homes of the Rios Family into cute shops and restaurants.

This lovely, little shop on Los Rios Street, The Nest, is now carrying my headbands (along with 5 other stores in Southern California since I talked them into it this weekend.)

Orange Blossoms 


One of my very nerdy favorites, Bougainvillea

This is the real reason I came to town. It was my 20 year high school reunion.

Everyone at my high school is blonde. That is what happens when you live near the beach. Just kidding.

These are my very dear friends who were cheerleaders with me. They are beautiful as ever.

It was a party. Everyone looked great. Maybe the people who look ugly stayed home, but I thought people were remarkably beautiful and healthy.

Don't you want a swallow fountain like this?

I spent the morning shooting photos of my upcoming pattern, the swallow messenger is lovely Joel Dewberry Heirloom fabrics. I am as nutty about swallows as the rest of the San Juan Capistrano folks. So I spent some time at the San Juan Mission to get some good shots. (Pattern cover coming to blog soon.) And this mission is beautiful. If you get the chance, visit San Juan Capistrano. you won't be sorry.

Friday, October 21, 2011

When I am not sewing something fun and new or taking care of my very busy home and family, I am busy working on my headband business. It keeps me plenty busy. This is my bread and butter.

 I named my company after my baby, Macy Jayne.

Each year I have a booth at the downtown farmers market in Salt Lake City where I sell my headbands and other fun things. I have been in the farmer's market for 6 seasons now. That is a long time. But the market has been good to me, and I meet so many interesting people there.

And this year, I was on a local TV program, Fresh Living, representing the farmers market and plugging my headbands. Here is a link to the show so you can see how these headbands are unique because they are Reversible, Washable, and Oh-so-comfortable.

Several stores sell my headbands as well, including Pine Needles in Gardners Village and on Etsy:

The Sewing Summit 2011

I spent a fabulous day this month at the inaugural year of the Sewing Summit in Downtown Salt Lake City at Little America, with 200ish other sewistas like myself.

I had loads of fun and got loads of stuff in this huge swag bag while I was there: patterns, quilt batting, thread, rulers and measuring tapes, chocolates, fabric, and all sorts of other goodies that sewers treasure.

This might just look like a group of women by some sewing machines, but this is more than that because these ladies are very talented and almost all carrying cute bags that they made themselves. I have never seen so much talent. One lady even had the most adorable Amy Butler fabric rain coat that she made. I covet that raincoat (but not enough to make one myself.)

My cute friend, Erin Singleton, (on the right) worked for over a year with Amy Ellis (on the left) to put this summit together. This summit was for modern sewing blogger folks to come together and meet face to face and learn from and inspire one another. Well, it was done beautifully. The venue was perfect, the attendees were warm and enthusiastic. The teachers were prepared and experienced. The food was really good too. I didn't expect that to be the case. This conference was everything I hoped it would be. I told Jay that it was the first time I have ever been to something like this that I actually enjoyed everything about it. Usually conferences are work-related and boring. But this is a work I love so it was different. Come to the Summit next year. It will not disappoint.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Behold: The Ruffle Duffle

Introducing my most recent pattern. It is rightfully named the Savannah Ruffle Duffle Bag because can't you just see it as the perfect little girl's sleepover bag or dance bag? So fun.

You might notice that the bag is done in Delighted. I sort of designed the bag around the fabric. After using this fabric so much lately, I felt compelled to go to the Delighted party when I was invited.

This bag pattern is currently available at:
Pine Needles at Gardners Village in West Jordan, Utah
New Threads fabric shop ( in England
on my Etsy shop

I was DELIGHTED to attend the launch party for Riley Blake's new line, "Delighted".

This party was just delightful. What a joy to see the creativity that went into this fabric line and the great ideas that became of it. This was a party like none other. Amanda Herring was the designer behind this line, and she just shined last night. Her creative team was very supportive and went above and beyond to make this night special. I wish I would have gotten a photo of the little mini cupcakes that I loved too.

There were a couple of little craft stations too. We made these little bottle cap pin cushions that I can't resist.

A delightful picnic quilt

Amanda decoupaged her guitar. I love it.

I must make some lanterns like this for my house. Savannah's room needs these.

These were the props for the photo booth. Cute, right?

We made these cute dog tags too.

Some sewer friends. Yay!

Candy. Yum. I stocked up.

I love this clever little tote bag with the bunting on it. So simple and so cute!

What a fun and creative group of women! Amanda, the designer is in the middle with the green skirt on (made from her line of fabric.)