Friday, November 4, 2011

I am LOVE STRUCK With Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden

I saw the navy palate of this Secret Garden Line at Material Girls Quilt Shop before market and fell in love. I don't know what it is about that color, especially with pink.

Then low and behold, I stumble upon the booth of the creator who has coincidentally designed many of my favorite lines. I have made more headbands out of this girl's fabric. I should buy stock in her business.

Sandi displayed many cute ideas using her fabric line. I love this little tuxedo style apron. I am afraid I would drip spaghetti or ketchup straight down the front of it and ruin it for good, but it is perfect for a neat, lovely little child who could be adored by all.

Sandi showed me her wonderfully practical, large and well-thought out market bag. I could use one of those at the farmers market for sure. She told me that this was her favorite colorway of the fabric line. How could everyone not LOVE LOVE LOVE the navy most, I ask? I guess she is entitled. And I do love this color scheme too.

Here is Sandi herself. I made her model this wonderful vintage umbrella that she restored herself using my fabric favorite, in a laminate, of course, so that water doesn't drip all over and soak a person.

Later that night, after attending the Houston Quilters Guild party, which was mucho mucho fun, I ran into my friends again. I know. It isn't like I have known Sandi, Amber, and Sarah for too long. But after spending the better part of an hour with a person, you feel like friends. You know who Sandi is. Amber is a hoot too. She is a friend of Sandi's and very creative herself. See her blog. Keep an eye on that girl. She is talented and fun. Sarah Jane is next to Amber. Sarah is the cousin of my friend, Hannah and I met Sarah at a boutique I did many years ago. I bought beautiful art work from her that is on the wall in my girls' room. She is now putting her beautiful illustrations of childhood on fabric for Michael Miller. The other folks on the end were super sweet, but I don't know who they are to be honest. Lots o' creativity in this photo. Check out Sarah Jane's blog.

Anyway, it was a wonderful experience meeting such fun and creative women. Now go look at that fabric. You won't be able to resist. I am just trying to decide which room of my house to redo in Secret Garden.

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  1. April! You are so sweet! I am so glad you posted this photo of us- it was on my list to email you and see if I could get a copy. I really enjoyed meeting you too, and I know what you mean about feeling like friends so quickly. We have to hang out more at spring market, and yes, I am loving the headband. I have worn it twice and my daughter has worn it once :) Are you on twitter? I looked for you...
    <3 Amber