Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lila Tueller of Riley Blake

This is the logo from Lila Tueller's blog. I ripped it off. ;) 

When I found Lila's booth, I instantly felt at home. I have watched her fun designs for quite a while and was excited to finally meet her. Somehow, I feel like I know these people from being a blog stalker, but really I am just a stranger to them. Not anymore. I had a long talk with Lila and her wonderful staff. I bought a truck load of her patterns, and I managed to resist the cute sugar cookies she had perched on her table. They brought them in their carry-ons. She lives near me and is just a really nice person that I could relate to.

I have a storage seat like this one, but why haven't I made cute seat pads for it like she has? When I got tired later in the day, I was tempted to come back to this cozy "bed" and take a nap. Is that unprofessional?

I am a sucker for piles of cute stuff. And all of her beautiful colors and designs are too adorable not to gawk at.

Lila has a bunch of new totes, cases, and container like bag patterns that really showcase her beautiful fabrics nicely.

Do you just love this dress as much as I do? I made it in different fabrics from her pattern this year. It is one of my favorites. And it is a pattern that has inspired me. I love this girl, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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