Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Joel Dewberry's Fabric Room... Heaven

When I accidentally met Laurie and Joel Dewberry, I didn't even know who Joel was. I was totally into the fabric and sewing world, but somehow I hadn't committed his name or designs to memory. We laugh about it now, but he had to get out his iPhone and show me his website so I could see his work. It didn't really ring a bell. Then he and Lauri came to my booth later that day and he began to point out all of his fabrics that I was already using on my headbands. Oops. he he. 

Anyway, perhaps it is because I didn't know who he was that my husband and I were able to become such fast friends with this wonderful, kind and talented couple. Now, less than a year later, I have been able to work with them on pattern designs using his wonderful fabric. And I really do love his fabric more than any other designer's fabric (though I really love a lot of designs by other artists. 

Last week I spent some time over at their home and needed to get some fabric for the upcoming farmer's market season. I have so many bags to make. Well, again I was reminded of how much I love Joel's work. The Dewberry's have a cold storage room in their basement with metal shelves filled ceiling to floor with bolts of fabric that he designed from his many lines. It is like heaven with concrete walls. It is like going into a fabric store that doesn't have any of the ugly fabric by designers with different taste. I love going in that room.

Anyway, Laurie and I cut and cut and cut piles of fabric (see all that fabric stacked up behind Laurie in this picture? It is mine... all mine (imagine the sinister laugh here.)

And when I loaded up garbage bags of fabric to leave, we laughed about how I was "making out like a bandit," black bag and all. Not that I didn't pay for the fabric, but that bag is funny.

I love these people. they are so much fun. And I think they love me too because do you see these three stuffed kitchen bags? These are the Joel Dewberry fabric scraps going back a few years. Joel and Laurie have given them to me. What an honor. What a surprise. What a lot of work I have before me to use all of them. But use them I will.

I think I will be sewing for the rest of my life, even if I never buy another piece of fabric again.I have a stash. Thanks, Joel and Laurie, for being such good friends and for letting me be in your fabric heaven.

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