Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Amy Butler A-Line Skirt Pattern Review

I love Amy Butler's Patterns. They are well written and usually have something unique about them. A couple of years ago I made the Barcelona Skirt. Sadly, I either measured wrong or somehow misinterpreted the sizing because I made a medium. I usually wear a medium. But it turned out a bit small. In fact, it is supposed to sit below the waist, and mine goes up high above my waist because it is the only way I can get it to fit over my hips. I feel like a fatty in it so I don't wear it very much. 

In my effort to create some fun skirts to wear this summer, I purchased some fabric from Amy Butler's Love collection. I don't see this fabric used much, but I love the colors and design. It is Sandalwood  Turquoise.

 So I tried the size large. I could tell when I put it on before it was done that it was too big. So I took it in a bit, and with the lining, it fits fine. I probably should have taken it in more, but this is all about comfort so who cares, right?

I can never seem to leave a good pattern alone so I added this ruffle at the bottom in Amy Butler's Love Sunspots Mint. It is more like a bunch of pleats that I sewed on as I went. They are not uniform or measured. They are just folded and sewed as I went along, and I like the look. It took three 5" by WOF strips to make that pleat/ruffle. 

I think maybe one person has complimented me on this skirt since I wore it and I am sort of always looking for such compliments because I worry that being immersed in this SUPER-creative fabric world, my taste is getting a little loud. But I don't really care what other people think because I love what I love and I really like the way this skirt turned out.

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