Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Sweet Slice & Material Girls... Heaven

Last night, these wonderful women who run Sewing Summit (Erin) and SNAP! (Tauni) hosted this fun blogger gathering between a cupcake shop and a fabric store. Thanks to Tauni Everett and Erin Singleton. How lucky I was to be able to just drive up the street, here in South Jordan, Utah, to attend.

The cupcakes were so cute and little and yummy. And thank goodness that One Sweet Slice uses cream cheese frosting on their cupcakes because some shops don't and they aren't half as yummy as these little guys were.

Chocolate is always my favorite though, and these little towers of delight didn't disappoint.

My cute friend, Ruth, was my date for the night, and we both love cupcake, so we were happy to be a part of the whole shindig. Ruth has a great cooking/gardening/lifestyle blog: and I highly suggest that you check that out because those recipes are good, and she is one smart cupcake.

Personally, I think I love cupcakes more.

It is always fun when worlds collide. This cute lady, Cynthia Bee, I first met backstage during the Republican Convention in Utah when my husband went up to give his speech (he ran for US Congress up until Convention in April). I noticed Cynthia's SNAP name tag, which was going on the same weekend as convention, and we struck up a conversation. She blogs about gardening. And I think she is great. The best part about these events is that you get to get out and visit with friends that have the same interests. And all of these women are just so sweet. You will notice this skirt I am wearing. I will post about that later.

That was a lot of talk about cupcakes, but I love Fabric most... and it was a busy night at Material Girls Fabric Store. I feel like Material Girls is my second home. Sometimes I come into the shop when I make something hard just because I know that the nice, talented ladies there will appreciate my work and understand why I love it so much. So I was so excited to use this opportunity (sans children and with a little discount) to stock up.

And stock up, I did. There was much goodness to partake of in last night. And I purchased the stack in my arms in this picture... then went back for more when I saw this adorable Robert Kaufman Roar Stripe in Bright. I fell in love. And I purchased some of this cute, circular aqua fabric to go with it, also Robert Kaufman. So fun. A great night out. And so many great people to enjoy it with.


  1. Thanks April for this post! It was a really fun evening!

  2. looks like so much fun! I was totally planning on going but my dumb body decided to get sick and knock me out for the day oh well glad you got to have fun for me :)

  3. April - it was really fun to see you again! Can you believe I was so full from eating at Cafe Rio beforehand, that I didn't eat a cupcake?! I meant to go back before they closed and take one for the road, but I got too distracted by the fabric. :)

  4. April it is always fun when you come in. Thanks so much for the pic's. I could talk to you all night.

  5. Looks like it was fun. I wanted to go but it was my wedding anniversary. One Sweet Slice is so yummy!

  6. It was such a fun meetup and I enjoyed chatting with you again. I love that you can talk politics and sewing/crafting. You're a multi-talented lady!

  7. What a fun post!! Thanks for taking me along :) You're awesome!