Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bebe Dress by Sew Serendipity Studios (Kay Whitt)

I knew I loved this dress when I saw the pattern on Kay Whitt's blog. Shortly after the Spring Market, I purchased the pattern at Pine Needles in Gardner's Village. (Cute quilt shop.) I had a zillion things to do but I somehow found the time to make the dress, and I really like it. So I made the Bebe Dress No. 123 with Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 in Saffron fabric. I am loving orange more and more so this was a fun couple of prints to make the dress with.

I felt like Kay's Pattern was easy to understand and well written. I didn't get stuck on anything at all and zoomed right through it, until I realized that I had sewn one sleeve on upside down. Oops. But in the end, it worked out. I also did my own thing on the waist band. It is an optional step, and I believe that she instructed to stitch the waist band on in between the bodice and skirt. I actually cut a strip of fabric and ironed each long edge under 1/4 inch then top stitched it over the top of the already connected skirt and bodice. I like the look.

I also lengthened the dress as well as the contrast along the bottom of the dress.

Unfortunately I am not as skinny and petite as Kay Witt is when she models the dress on the pattern cover (and I feel big next to her in real life too.) So I think the dress looks better on her but it is a new fun dress for me and no one will ever see us standing next to each other in our dresses at the same time to compare. So I think I am safe. Thumbs up on this fun pattern.

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  1. Hi April -- wow, we sell this pattern at New Threads! What fun that you have made it up and love it as much as I do. -- Meg.