Sunday, November 4, 2012

Joel Dewberry Fabric on Modern Family

I am a big fan of Joel Dewberry's designs and I am just as big of a fan of the hilarious show, Modern Family. Each week I wait to see what fabric one of the gay characters, Cam, will have on the cuffs of his shirts. It adds to his flamboyance, and is such a great detail in showing Cam's personality. On the most recent Modern Family, the show started with Cam wearing not just flamboyant cuffs, but a whole shirt in one of my favorite Joel Dewberry prints from his Heirloom collations. And my husband was the one to spot it first. He has become pretty knowledgeable on fabric lines.

When I posted these pictures on instagram, designers started asking how they can get their fabric on his shirts. Some designers said that the manufacturing companies send the fabric into the costume departments in hopes that they will choose those fabrics for the shirts. Riley Blake did this, and they did use some of their fabric on his cuffs. But in the case of Joel Dewberry, he nor Westminster had any hand in this. A Michael Levine person (Michael Levine is a huge fabric outlet in the fabric district of Los Angeles) came through quilt market and told Joel that the costume designers come through their store and pick out fabric for Cam's shirts. And I think that is how this happened. 

Joel's fabric has also been featured on Cougartown. There was a whole bedroom set made out of one of his lines on that show. There was also a diaper bag on a daytime soap (not sure which one) and I saw an episode of Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood where Tori made a dress to wear in the hospital when she had her baby, Hattie. The whole ruffle top on it was made with a fabric from Aviary 2 in granite. 

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  1. That is just funny! I haven't seen this show, but it sounds like that would be a really fun detail to watch for.