Sunday, November 11, 2012

Joel Dewberry at Houston International Quilt Market 2012

I know that the lighting on this picture is terrible. This is a shot of the original quilt made for Joel Dewberry for the Houston Quilt Market 2012. It was made by Barbie Mills and I took this picture when she presented it at our Salt Lake City Modern Quilt Guild Meeting before quilt market. She did a great job, and I think Joel's take on a chevron is a great use of this bold fabric. The slanted pieces are cut diagonally which makes it even more interesting and probably makes the fabric easier to work with. This pattern will be available for free soon. For better pictures of this, go to Barbie's blog and see her photos. They are much better than this.

Notting Hill in Turquoise color way at Fall Quilt Market 2012
This color way is only available in home dec weight or "cotton sateen" as Westminster calls it. The are from Joel's booth. On the rich is a stack of his brochures. He covered the boxes himself, and I sewed the hat from his Pieced Pinwheel Hat pattern. It is such a great, reversible hat. I highly recommend making it.

Navy Pockets Aplenty Diaper Bag
Of all of the lovely color ways that were represented in Joel's Quilt Market booth, the Navy color way was most admired, or so he says. This bag was made by Leigh. And it is just lovely.

Joel Dewberry's Pockets Aplenty Bag made in Cotton Sateen
 This bag was also made by Leigh.

Can you stand the pink and grey color way? It is so lovely. Again, a color way available only in heavy sateen fabric. The pink skirt and the yellow and aqua skirt in the background are voile. I actually made both skirts and the Pink and Grey Pockets Aplenty bag. What a pleasure it is to sew with such beautiful fabric. And it was a very cool feeling to know that I was the first one to ever sew with fabric from such a beautiful line.

I made this beautiful dress in Voile with the Red color way from Notting Hill. I also made the Hobo bag from another of Joel's older patterns. I didn't expect to love the red color way so much. The color is vibrant and beautifully contrasted by the blend of colors that surround it. That plaid is so well done. This photo shows my three favorite prints from the line: Plaid, Kaleidoscope, and Poppy. I love the fabric walls that Joel had printed with old London street maps as well as the fun subway signs that he designed and had printed to decorate his booth and highlight words that tie into the Notting Hill line.

The Westminster Fibres booth included this lovely quilt , dress (Vintage Flutter), and many lovely pillows. There was so much on display to highlight Joel's Notting Hill fabric line.

I sort of wanted to take off with those pretty pillows or at least take a little nap on them. I might have embarrassed my husband had I actually done that.

Anyway, I am super biased because Joel is not only my favorite designer but also a close personal friend. But I was super impressed by his booth at quilt market in Houston and recognized the enthusiasm in so many who took a look. Now go sew something with it. You won't regret it!

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  1. Oh, how I would have loved to see this in person. These fabrics are simply stunning, aren't they? I keep changing my mind as to which prints I like best, but the kaleidoscope, plaid, and historic tile are probably my top three. Love the poppies too.

    Thanks for including a link to my blog, I appreciate it! It was an honor to get to make the quilt for them.