Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall 2012 International Quilt Market in Houston

It really is a treat to attend the International Quilt Market in Houston. The 2012 Fall quilt market was not a disappointment. It was filled with beautiful fabric and wonderful, creative people. I will have to break this into several posts because there was too much eye candy to put in one post all at once. 

Sadly, I forgot my SLR camera battery at home, so my pictures are all from my camera phone (which is super stinky) so sorry these pictures are a bit of a disappointment.

I think I will start with some of the wonderful designers from Westminster Fabrics. Westminster did a new booth at this market. It appears that they took a lesson from Riley Blake on how to make really good use of booth space, allowing walls for each designer within their space. This is great because spectators get a really good look at what each of their designers' new lines are like even if the designers don't actually have a booth at market.

Of course it is always a delight to talk to Amy Butler and to look closely at the beautiful projects that display her designs. Amy's newest line is Alchemy. I really love Alchemy much more than her past two lines, Cameo and Lark, though they both had their own gems. Amy is a kind and sincere person who always seems sincerely interested in getting to know me and any others who visit her booth.

This is an interesting quilt that was on display. It was very chunky and textured. 

The skirt with the circles in this photo is a velvety feel and would be great for a coat or a couch.

I think that this picture is the best show of how beautifully these fabrics work together. I love the rose print toward the front.

This is a quick peek at a quilt in Jennifer Pagnelli's section of the Westminster booth. It is as bright and floral as most of her lines. Pretty. 

Tula Pink is just lovely. What would a market blog post be without a mention of Tula? She is funny and cleaver and obviously super talented. I enjoyed my chat with her and really love her new line, which is so interesting and beautiful. The line is called Salt Water and it has a beautiful ocean motif, including octopus prints among other more mellow prints. The orange is my favorite color of them all, but I could embrace any of these with enthusiasm.

Here are some of the things in Tula's portion of the Westminster booth.

Tula Pink Salt Water Quilt from Fall Quilt Market 2012

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