Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill on Pockets a Plenty Bag

Joel Dewberry's new line, Notting Hill will debut at the 2012 Fall Quilt Market in Houston. I thought I loved his old lines. I didn't know if he could beat Heirloom, but I was wrong. This line is beautiful. It just keeps getting better.

I made this bag, his own pattern, Pockets a Plenty, with his advance fabric in cotton sateen. It is a thick home dec weight cotton. It is so smooth and lovely to work with. And the print on the fabric made the whole project a love fest for me. 

This picture is inside of the pockets a plenty bag. I turned it inside out. I love the Poppy print from Notting Hill but the beautiful kaleidoscope print that I used on the inside made me wonder whether I put the right print on the outside. I still can't decide. 

The cotton sateen color ways are always different than the quilting cotton color ways. This time, I really appreciate color ways in both weights of cotton. This pink immediately spoke to me. I didn't expect to love the red color way so much (quilting weight and voile) but I just couldn't believe how much I loved the red. Turquoise is also a favorite of mine. Hopefully there will be many posts after market showing more variations. This is going to be a huge hit in the sewing community.

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  1. I died when I saw this bag on Instagram! Love that pink and gray!!