Sunday, February 3, 2013

Modern Yardage... my new project

I have been a terrible blogger lately. Not because I don't love you all: only because I have been so busy with fabric. Tomorrow begins our pre-launch for a new business that my husband and I started a few months ago. Actually more than a few months ago. We have researched and learned and wrestled with decisions about fabrics and inks and machines and FINALLY we are ready to launch --well, sort of. 

A pre-launch means that our website will go live. Are all of our current designs up and ready to order? No. Is our site perfect? No. Can we take orders yet? I'm not quite sure. But when our site goes live, we will be able to allow fabric lovers to see what we have been up to and explore how our big idea will bring beautiful and unique fabrics to them... that they won't be able to find anywhere else for a price as low as we offer. So are we ready? We better be. We are close, and we invite you to check us out while allowing for some construction as you shop. We hope our customers will help us to find issues and ways that we can improve before our actual launch next month.

We think there are too many restrictions and gatekeepers in the way that the quilting fabric world works as it now stands. We wanted to be able to eliminate trend speculation, overstocking unpopular fabrics, and color and scaling limitations placed on designers.

Along the way, we can offer designers creative freedom, instant-to-market designs, and a better platform to connect with their consumers. We print fabric on-demand. How can we do this? Digital textile printing. And I can't wait to show you how much fun it can be.

As a consumer, you will enjoy multiple colorways of the same designs. You used to choose from 2 or three. We offer up to five or six color ways of many designs. We also offer most prints in three different scales. So you can make a skirt with one print and make an accent on it in the same print but a smaller size. How fun is that?

There is so much more to it, but these are just some of the great things that we are excited to offer our customers. We have wonderful designers and many more coming soon. So check back often.

This is a bag I made from a design by Cindy Lindgren. This is the same print, in two different color ways and in two different scales. Orange and more orange. I can't get enough.

This apron is made of two different color ways in two different scales as well. 

There is a lot of fun coming from Modern Yardage. I hope you will follow us on Instagram @modernyardage and on facebook. I'll try to keep you posted.

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  1. This looks very exciting! I'm definitely interested to see more.