Sunday, February 12, 2012

Babies Grow Up and the Storage Grows Too!

I have been thinking lately about how I would really like to preserve some of my babies' clothing and items that were important to me as their mom. I don't want to just collect all of their stuff so it takes up space in storage and clutters my house, collecting dust. But I am looking for some projects I can conquer in a year or two that would be a great way to preserve these memories. I love this bench, for instance, made out of a baby crib. It comes from We have a cute crib that is very similar to this one. It would be adorable.

Then there are bins of baby clothes that I treasure. You never get any significant amount of money selling used baby clothing. And if you lend it to friends, it ends up coming back to you when their baby outgrows it. So as soon as my little Macy (21 months) is 4 or so, I am going to cut up all of hers and Savannah's (age 9) baby clothes, and make quilts for both of them. Then they can cuddle up to them forever and have a memory to hold onto.

I wish that I were showing you my finished products here, but I am still in the baby trenches. Before long, I'll show you what I come up with.

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