Tuesday, November 15, 2011

PETB-- "People for the Ethical Treatment of Butterflies"

I have been super busy. For 3 1/2 days I sat at a cute temporary boutique in my neighborhood called "Oh Sweet Sadie". It was a lot of fun but a lot of work and long hours. I have to be there to sell my headbands. I did well. I met some great people, including Shari Butler who designs fabric for Riley Blake. She saw a headband I made out of her fabric and introduced herself. She is as sweet as her cute designs.

On another topic:

I was super impressed by the beautiful work of so many vendors there. I saw a lot of hoopla about some beautiful jewelry that incorporated real butterfly wings. People were enjoying and buying them up. I immediately appreciated their beauty, but another thought crossed my mind right after. Did they kill butterflies to make these charms? It probably didn't cross anyone else's mind. And I am not a big animal lover person. I just feel for those little creatures. So you can laugh at me, but I actually grieved when our goldfish, Sam, died. And I am glad that I didn't get to know any of the butterflies that so many ladies are wearing around now.
The jewelry I have shown here wasn't actual jewelry from the vendor at the boutique. I found the pictures online just so you would get the idea. Am I nuts? What do you think?

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