Friday, July 27, 2012

IKEA Is So Nice

I love IKEA. Who doesn't love IKEA? Cheap shelving and funky do-dads. Basics and food. Good times. After living in California and then in Virginia, there was always an IKEA around. There was even access to one in New York City via provided shuttle. But when I got back to Utah, there was no good cheap alternative and certainly none of the real thing. I didn't even think there was a remote chance of getting one in Utah. But I always knew that it would be a good place for an IKEA. Cheap people on budgets that they seldom stayed within, tons of kids that need beds and furniture, loads of students, and creative do-it-yourselfers needing stuff to convert into better or prettier stuff. You can imagine my excitement when IKEA finally came to Draper, only 10 minutes from my home.

So this morning, among other things on my very busy schedule, I decided to go to a blogger event that was held at IKEA. I was invited. I didn't just crash it, of course. And I was amazed by how cool it was. 

First they fed us each a big breakfast. Yum. This is me with my friend, Ruth, who always seems to be my date at these things. She is fun and smart. So you should check out her blog. She has many a yummy recipe to share. 

It was fun to see all of the mommy bloggers there with their kiddos, soaking it all up. IKEA gave us each a new catalog. We are the first to see it. And it is full of textiles textiles textiles. They have so many new, delicious fabrics in their store. We got to peruse their displays and do some shopping. 

Since I was in a rush, I just got a huge shelf that I needed anyway and loaded up on Swedish fish. Ironically, I had to pay and dash because I had to get a root canal. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten all of those Swedish fish. 

This was the cute marketing employee who showed us our way and told us about the changes at the store. They recently got a roof covered in solar panels and all sorts of fun changes in the store as well. I am grateful for their time and generosity toward us and possibly love IKEA even more than I did before. I can't wait to go back and look more at their new fabrics.  Good stuff. 

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