Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busily Preparing for Quilt Market

 It is like I don't know what hit me. I have so much to do and am slowly getting through all of it. I have completed most project samples for my pattern covers, which need to be done in a couple of weeks. It is so hard to find time to sew and then resew as things need to be redone. But here are a few of my projects:

I made this pattern of a baby bib/smock. This one is done in Vintage Baby, a Riley Blake fabric. I have my little baby, Macy modeling it, but she is too big for this size. I also made a larger one out of laminate, which I haven't photographed yet. So cute!! It is in a boy print. I love these bibs because they keep the food off their arms too. 

Riley Blake has a new line of chevron prints. They are so much fun. I designed this beach bag with an angled pocket on the front and back. It is all in laminates and so perfect for the sand and splashy areas. I need to reshoot it without the glasses. I think they are a little distracting. 

There we go. No glasses but weird straps.

I made the ruffle duffel (which has been selling like crazy) out of Dress-Up Days by Shari Butler. I just love it. And I love the chevron print pocket and bottom. 

I have so much more that I have made but haven't taken photos of yet. I'll post as I do, and I will post as  I have pattern covers available. 

I have also done so much work for Joel Dewberry lately, but I can't really show you because they aren't my designs to publish. But you'll see it all soon when I post his work that is displayed at Spring Market.

Fun stuff that is totally taking over my life right now. 


  1. The tote seems to be the thing that everyone loves. Let's hope the pattern will sell well too.