Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time just ticks away each day...

Since you probably haven't met yet, this is my husband, Jay Cobb. Really, he has nothing to do with sewing or crafting or the other things I usually post about on this blog... except that his recent endeavors have taken me away from making new crafts to blog about. I do have a couple of things up my sleeve, which I will tell you about when I get a chance. But I wanted to let you know what Jay has me up to so you understand why my posts are growing more sparse.

Jay has been holding town hall meetings and doing a lot of speaking in public.

Jay is running for US Congress in Utah's new 4th district.  This is a huge undertaking, and I am his right hand woman. I personally called over 125 delegates last week. See why I have no time?

Here is an article that just came out about him:

This is his website:

I promise I won't ignore you forever.


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